All fitness levels for all classes.

*** 50 minute class

** 45 minute class

* 30 minute class


Studio Strength Classes

Body Bomb ***

Sweat and push yourself to challenging cardio and strength exercises. Bootcamp, boxing, you name it.

Butts ‘N Gutts **

Just what it says. Use a variety of equipment to tone your core and bottom half. Bands, balls, weights and body bars are often used.

Circuits **

Alternate between stations or intervals of cardio or strength. Utilize lots of equipment for a total body workout.

Go Big or Go Home ***

This class will challenge you to use your strength to build lean muscle. A variety of equipment is used.


High intensity interval training for all levels. Intervals of strength and cardio followed by recovery periods.

Monday Madness ***

This is the best workout to start your week, a bootcamp-style utilizing various equipment. Some cardio bursts added for endurance while strength is gained.


Studio Mind and Body

Barre **

Get ready to tuck, tone and pulse through this barre-inspired class. Small weights = big results! Chisel yourself to a strong, lean body.

Core Fusion **

Core strengthening movements using different disciplines of pilates, yoga and strength. Emphasis on abs, back and hips.

Pilates Burn ***

Studio and cardio-based workout to give you long lean muscles. Total body workout for all levels.

Yoga ***

Here’s your chance to slow down and be guided through poses to help stretch and tone. Calm your mind and give your body just what it ordered.

Yoga Burn ***

Ab chiseling, total body defining moves. Strength based non-stop yoga flow. Helps with strength, agility and flexibility.

Yoga Sculpt ***

Yoga flow using smaller weights to sculpt and define. Develop strength, balance and flexibility to some energetic zen.


Studio Dance Cardio Classes

Jam It ***

An explosive dance fitness class set to music to make your workout a dance party. Easy to lean and addictive.

Zumba/Oula Dance ***

Zumba and Oula are both crazy fun dance workouts set to Top 40 or Latin music. More than just group exercise, both classes are an experience for all abilities.


Cycle Classes

Express RPM *

High energy music while you cycle to burn maximum fat in 30 minutes.

RPM **

Ride with the pack to your favorite tunes. You control the intensity as you improve your fitness level. Great cardio and fat burner.


Smash your fitness and cardio goals in 30 minutes. Bursts of intense cardio with periods of rest. HIIT = results!